Vet Lab For Schools

Imagine students learning from an industry professional in sport and recreation...

At the VET Lab, that is exactly what they'll get!

At the VET Lab, we are forming partnerships with industry professionals to provide expert, contextualised education.

For example, we are working Hal, a professional Rehab and Performance Coach who has worked with elite sporting clubs, including Melbourne Storm.

Hal has produced a series of exclusive instructional videos for unit SISSPAR009. Participate in Conditioning for Sport.

Hal is providing his expertise and coaching services to ensure our students learn the correct techniques for sport conditioning.

Added bonus!

Our amazing producer has added interactive features to visually show the fine details Hal teaches, so students fully understand the technical component of training safely.


Why does this matter?

Because we are passionate about creating workforce-ready students,
and there is no better way to achieve that than learning from an industry pro.

Applications are now open for
Certificate III Sport and Recreation in 2022

If you want to work with an RTO that walks their talk when it comes to building better learners, book in a demo of our course and LMS today.