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Welcome to 2021!

What a wonderful start to the new year.  We welcomed over 300 students to the VET Lab CIII Sport and Rec in week one, kicking off with our clustered WHS modules.  

Appreciating our Teachers

When our amazing new teachers arrived at school on day one, they discovered a surprise from VET Lab for Schools!

We welcomed 16 new teachers on board with a box full of goodies to assist with their program delivery.


320 Trees planted

Together with our partner organisation, Casey Helman Consulting, VET Lab for Schools is aiming to plant 10,000 trees by 2030.

We purchase a tree for every student who enrols in our program.  In 2021, that has added 320 trees to our total.

Click here to check out our progress so far!

Keep an eye on our website for further purchases when we kick off our first aid delivery in term 2.

Got Mail!

Did you receive our brochure in the mail? VET Lab for Schools applications for 2022 are officially open.

We have started sending our brochure to VET Coordinators last week…

Havent got it yet? Access the online version here.

What’s happening at VET Lab?

Ready, set, ACTION!

We are thrilled to be working with Hal Marsden, a professional Rehab and Performance Coach who has worked with elite sporting clubs, including Melbourne Storm.

This month we are beginning filming with Hal for unit SISSPAR009. Participate in Conditioning for Sport.

Hal is providing his expertise and coaching services to ensure our students learn the correct techniques for sport conditioning.

Hal will also be zooming with our students in term 3 to provide assistance with their sports conditioning programs.

Hal Marsden

Keeping informed

Our CEO Casey Helman atteneded the ACHPER VCE conference on 19th February, keeping VET Lab up to date as well as connecting with some of our fantastic teachers and schools.

As an RTO dedicated to VET in schools, it was fantastic to see a VET in Schools Stream at this event. There were some excellent resources provided for exam review and a great session on making WHS activities more practical for student engagement.

Casey says “I strongly encourage you to attend these types of events. They are excellent for knowledge sharing, networking and getting new ideas. It was a worthwhile attendance for me and I will attend again next year.”

Our free PD is coming soon


Planning is underway for our inaugural VET Lab for Schools Conference which will happen in term 3.

We provide FREE professional development for our teachers to ensure skills are kept current and we are providing the best program we can for our students.


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